The Truth About Probiotics for Cats

Are probiotics just for sick cats?

It has been said that probiotics are more important than vitamins and should be taken daily! The modern cat diet and lifestyle wreaks havoc on the GI tract and gut microbiome. Probiotics can be a huge benefit to sick cats, but as a wellness supplement, they bring added vitality to cats and help to ward off illness. The intestine is your cat's largest immune system organ, help support it the healthy way with probiotics.

Can I give probiotics to my kitten?

Yes. In fact, cats of all ages can benefit from probiotics. Kittens should especially be given a probiotic supplement in their diets as a wellness program to help seed their gut early for a lifetim of wellness. This will help to ward off infections and reduce the chance of developing allergies later in life. Senior cats will also definitely benefit from probiotic supplementation since healthy bacteria production is reduced in older age.

Will my cat eat their food with probiotics mixed in?

If you add a dry probiotic powder that does not have fillers or extra ingredients, your cat shouldn't be able to detect it in the food. Our experience is that cats have no trouble eating their food with probiotics mixed in.

Keep in mind, we give caution to anyone buying a cat food with probiotics already in it. Chances are that there is little to no viable bacteria left in the product by the time you serve it to your feline.

What are the side effects of probiotics?

Probiotics in general have no known side effects and are very complimentary. However, they are known to increase gut activity at first, so, look for an increase in gas or stool passage in your cat for the initial phase after introducing probiotics. Extra gas should level off after several days and then better health will usually start happening like magic.

If my cat is on medication, can I safely use this formula? 

There are no known contraindications of probiotics and other medications, but, if you're not sure, go ahead and consult with your veterinarian.

I already give my cat a multi-vitamin, why take probiotics in addition?   

Multivitamins provide general nutritional support to the body but only if you have enough good bacteria in your body to allow for absorption. Probiotic Miracle™ help support the body in cleaning out the cat's system of toxins and improve nutrient absorption. It is becoming recognized by veterinarians all over the world that probiotics are an important addition to every cat's diet.

Do probiotics contain gluten? 

Pure probiotics do not contain any gluten. Look for a formula with no fillers or extra ingredients

Do probiotics need to be refrigerated?

A stable, dry probiotic should not require refrigeration since the drying process suspends the activity of the bacteria until it is reconstituted in the stomach. You can extend the life of probiotics by storing in a cold place, but be careful not to allow moisture in the materials as that will destabilize the microorganisms.

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